Artemis and the incredible history of NASA’s moon exploration

Last someone landed on moon was in 1972 so its been 50 years and now we are looking back to the moon with curiosity

This time landing on moon will be more inclusive as the crew will include and person of colour

The first phase of Artemis mission is unscrewed expedition to moon which will be launched on August  29

Special feature of Orion spacecraft is that during re-entry it will move at the speed of 6.8 miles

SLS is the launch vehicle of artemis mission generate 8.8 million pounds of thrust during propulsion

Space X starship aims to launch vehicle of 17.7 million pound of thrust during propulsion is still under development

The crewless mission Artemis will carry three mannequins with them

Placing mannequins in the mission will help evaluate the levels acceleration , radiation and vibration the crew will be exposed to while on the mission