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The budding indian equivalent of starbucks but only more inclusive .

Chai sutta bar has many minimalist design but it is fancy enough to attract the upper middle class in india.

For many middle class students who go to starbucks only after they get their first salary . they  can go to chai sutta bar before and after having a job

Lets confess chai sutta bar is a “vibe” with so many outlet in india and outside that brings a connection between youth.

Cuddle the kulhad tagline is sassy and most copywriter will struggle to come up with.

The unique selling point of giving kulhad is eco-friendly and it goes with sustainability policies that any big business should follow

While business across are struggling to fit in the sustainability narrative sustainability is the USP of chai sutta Bar

If Anubhav Dubey is able to scale up chai sutta bar in its original form with diluting its brand , he could become the poster boy for entrepreneur making business out of popular Indian habits