HEIST in the crypto world changes focus of attack  from crptoexchanges to blockchain bridges

If you want to exchange one cryptocurrency for another it’s the Bridges that facilitate the process

However that does not mean that it completely converts a Bitcoin in to ethereum

It just wraps a Bitcoin converts it in to Bitcoin token(the ethereum lookalike ) and injects it in to ethereum blockchain

Now the Bitcoin token is transacted on Ethereum blockchain

To make the facility work Bridge hold a large quantity of different kind of assets of the crypto ecosystem

This makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks

One of the popular cross chain security protocol network “nomad” lost $190 million in a hack

The assets that were stolen included stablecoin which is linked to US dollar  and ether

Since there is no third party involved in a crypto there is no one to hold accountable or cry for help once your asset are stolen

Another cross chain bridge platform that became victim to cryptobridge attack was wormhole and it lost $120 million in ethereum wrapprd tokens

So once your crypto currency is hacked you can kiss it good bye