Ethereum is the second biggest blockchain network

If we ponder about decentralisation of ethereum nodes over 53% ethereum nodes are present in amazon web services

After AWS ,10% of nodes that carry out transaction are based in German cloud service provider Hetzner

Cloud service provider Hetzner has announced that it plans to kickoff ethereum nodes from its service

Hetzner says that node activities such cryptomining , staking and proof of work or proof of stake does not align to its principles

If Hetzner let go off Ethereum nodes then the second biggest blockchain network will not appeared so decentralised as a little more than half of nodes will be on AWS

A small percentage of ethereum node ranging between 1% to 2 % are present on digital ocean , oracle cloud , alibaba ,Amazon

With Hetzner announcing its anticrypto policy  one more point of vulnerability in crypto world has been exposed

now the cryptocurrency are exposed to policy of cloud service providers

Moreover the  USP of cryptocurrency i.e decentralisation will aslo be  at stake by anticrypto policies of  cloud services