NIFTY rebound after three straight month of loses

fall and rise of NIFTY

Nifty rallied 8.7 % after three straight month for loses

Market pundit says that 3 months of downfall followed by 1 month of bounceback is the feature of bear market

similar pattern of three month downfall and then rise of NIFTY has been observed  before at the cusp of global financial churning

during the global financial crisis in 2008 nifty showed a similar pattern of downfall and rise

year 2011 was the year high inflation, gold prices touching a record high, aviation crisis ,IIP data in to negative territory

In 2012 there was high deficits, monetary policy tightening

in the year of great uncertainity NIFTY behave in similar pattern by first falling than rising , disruption in supply chain, a loosening of monetary policy by govt all over world and trade wars were the features of the time