Noise cancellation  does a great job of cancelling white noise

The long winged tips are gone the plus side of long winged tips that it stayed in years fixed even if you move a lot in your workout

The downside of the winged tip is it created pressure point that create disconforts after 2 hours so it is the right step to remove long tips

There is no perceivable bluetooth lag while watching gaming or videos

This time pixel bud has strong bass so sound is really punchier at lower  frequency

With pixel bud app it does great things the google assistant is just a tap away

The transparency mode in pixel bud pro helps you listen outside sounds when you wanna pay heed to

The case is slim and fits in the coin pocket

It features a USBC connector at the bottom and an IPX2 splash-resistant shell.

it also supports wireless charging, so you can place it on any Qi wireless