Do the new stunning images from the James web telescope indicate that the Big bang theory has been debunked

According to the Big bang hypothesis the young stars in distant galaxy should blue coloured and they should be hot as the new stars in the beginning of their lifecycle

However the data and beautiful images from the James webb telescope show that young star in distant galaxies are red and cooler.

Whats puzzling for scientist that are proponents of big bang is that these stars seen to even precede the event of Big bang

According to Big bang hypothesis everything came in to existence after the event of big bang

Therefore nothing should be older than the estimated time for Big bang .

If the Big Bang theory is debunked the field of astronomy and cosmology would suffer a setback

Years of research would simply become useless if James web telescope and further probes does not confirm to the hypothesis of Big Bang

We would be again back to zero in asking the existential question about where did all the galaxies come from

James web telescope can unravel the deepest and the darkest secret of universe

It took 10 years of hardwork for the scientist to build the superprobe

The ability of James webb telescope to see too far away makes it special because it helps us looking in to the past

Yes you heard that right , since light from distant stars takes hundreds of years to reach us James web telescope actually sees the events that occurred back in time

So may be if we can place a James webb telescope far far away from earth we may be able to see how the dinosaur would interact with earth

Still its just a wishful thinking because data from a probe so far way would take hundreds of years to reach us back

So maybe only our future generation only will be able to see the fruits of the hardwork of our scientist today