Want to exchange your cryptoassets from one cryptocurrency to another , here is how you can do it

Bridges facilitate exchange of one type of cryptocurrency to another

The best digital bridges facilitating crytoexchange are  Binance bridge, celer c,  multichain, cross chain umbria Narnia bridge , wormhole , nomad

The process of exchange involves wrapping of coin to make that coin pretend as cryptocurrency of the network

For instance if you want to exchange one stablecoin , shiba inu, bitcoin to ethereum all of them would wrapped and injected to ethereum blockchain as ethereum token

“Binance” bridge support a networks such as ethereum ,Solana and there is long list of token that can be supported

“Celer c “bridge enable transaction along different blockchain it supports long list of network from ethereum to polygon

“Cross chain” platform enables cross exchange liquidity in different blockchain such as fantom and Avalanche apart from the top blockchain network

Providing the widest range of transaction across different networks is “multichain”.It has the most exhaustive list of blockchain network to exchange under its infrastructure