Tyson began each morning or, late at night, with a 3to 5mile run. He got up around 4 a.m. for his jog;

He would also add in 10 high-intensity interval sprints.

jump rope with extraordinary explosiveness by performing lightning-fast double and triple unders while squatting halfway to the ground.

Tyson used a very unique and uncommon fighting style called a peekaboo that was developed by coach customato. It emphasises counterpunching.

The beauty of Mike Tyson's shadowboxing is that it's always fascinating to see him perform the same punches he would in the ring with such uncanny speed and accuracy that it almost seems like inhumanely trained savagery.

He would spar 10 to 20 rounds every day, sometimes even sans headgear because he thought the headgear offered combatants a false sense of protection.

He would divide his entire practise of 500 bench tips, 500 push-ups, 2000 setups, and 500 squats into 10 sets straightforward yet harsh.

Mike also worked his neck significantly. He performed a lot of wrestler bridges, which increased the thickness of his neck to about 20 inches.