Do you end up thinking that your social security is taxable or not 

If Social Security is your only income during the year, generally your payments are not taxable.

if you have additional income, your payments may be taxable

Take one half of the Social Security money you collected during the year and add it to your other income. Other income includes pensions, wages, interest, dividends, and capital gains.

If you are single and that total comes to more than $25,000, then part of your Social Security benefits may be taxable.

If you're married filing jointly, take half of your Social Security plus half of your spouse's Social Securityand add that to all of your combined income.

If that sum is more than $32,000, then part of your social security may be taxable.

Again, there are lots of factors that can affect this calculation, so do yourself a favor and let the ITA do the work for you. Learn more by going to