Are you managing your capital with Ray Dalio Bridgewater associates

The consumer product company Proctor and gamble holds occupies $970 million of Bridgewater portfolio . 6.74 million shares are of it are owned by bridgewater

Another bluechip healthcare and pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson occupies  $ 769 million of Bridgewater fund .Bridgewater owns  4.33 million share

Consumer can’t get enough of the most popular beverage coca cola and so do the fund managers . Bridgewater owns 10.82 million shares amounting $680 million

The bluechip company is among the most resilient one and has demonstrated 11.8% revenue growth

Diversification is the best strategy for managing risk and so Bridgewater diversify itself with another fizzy beverage stock

With 4% growth in the year 2022 by the company Bridgewater holds $635 million woth of stocks in Pepsi

The 30 million strong  membership retail outlets of Costco makes it one of the most looked after stock and Bridgewater holds stocks worth $580 million

To hedge his fund on emerging market economy which have potential to give higher returns along with the associated risk Bridgewater banks on Vanguard emerging market stock index ETF