Kobe Bryant  the real black mamba

Kobe Bryant coach Phil Jackson once stated that he has never seen anyone who worked as hard as Kobe Bryant to improve his game

Kobe Bryant followed a rule  FAMOUSLY called 666

Kobe trained hard in off season he trained everyday for about 6-8 hours

4- 6 am was high intensity workout followed by basketball drills and which were followed by 2 hours of stretching and then weight training

Each of his workout was so intense that whenever he was exhausted he had to take naps

Kobe himself stated that during the last 10 years of his career he became a pro in catnaps

His everyday intense workout routine of 6-8 hours for 6 days a week for 6 month created a killer instinct

The no loose mentality which was a result of him sticking 666 rule developed for him killer instinct

His killer instinct and no loose mentality earned him the title of black mamba , so when Kobe’s is in the game its his game