10 best leslie feist songs as she leaves ARCADE FIRE TOUR

Melodies that fans are going to miss be cause of cancellation of tour

The song “1234” is a  soothing yearning of love it is the kind of song you want to hear when your craving for your loved one but not emotionally devastated over it

Feist’s inside and out is what you wanna say to a  lover respectfully over his misdemeanours

Old dirt road (mushaboom, mushaboom) Knee deep snow (mushaboom, mushaboom) fr Is the sweet melody that can motivate you to date , movein together or may be get married and also have kids

All these people drinking lover's spit is the perfect song to hear when you wanna reminisce the soft movements when your lips used to mingle

Cicadas and gulls are just beautifully poetic and it is that feeling that just cannot be defined

Do you remember a relationship where you acted crazy and regret it now  so sorry by leslie feist  sums those feelings weel