LG ultra gear OLED display what it aims to achieve

LG promises to provide a more immersive gaming experience in its OLED display

LG ultra gear OLED display fall under the line of ultra gear game experience enhancing monitors

It is 45 inch curved display with the curvature

With the curvature what its aims to achieve is that a gamer feel more in to the game while playing it

The borderless design of LG ultra gear is good move because it gives the feel of infinity screen

Borderless design is aesthetically more pleasing because in real life events don’t happen in bordered frame

It has 240 Hz refresh rate which means that buy it only when you want high quality gaming experience

You wont feel much difference in 144Hz and 240 Hz in normal Tv viewing experience

240 Hz makes sense only on gaming screens ofcourse if you have too much extra money then you can splurge for below the range purposes too

Additional features are anti glare and low reflection which are must have in gaming monitor

As far as a user is considered especially who plays Anti glare and anti reflection is his basic right cuz LG needs to take care of our eye health