Democrat Sarah Palin loses to Mary Peltola in Alaska's special U.S. House election

Former state lawmaker Peltola defeated 2008 Republican vice presidential contender Sarah Palin by three percentage points, 51.5% to 48.5%, in the final round of voting.

Nick Begich III, a Republican contender, came in third.

Since their days in Juneau, when Palin was the governor and Peltola was a legislator, the two have remained close friends.

But Alaska has a history of honouring independent-minded candidates.

Peltola said on twitter As the only #prochoice candidate in this election, I will unequivocally support legislation codifying the right to a safe and legal abortion and will always show up for your rights, your health care, and your choice.

She wished to bring up issues pertaining to food security and ocean production.

The last time Alaskans supported a Democrat for president was in 1964.