Samsung galaxy watch 5 pro features and price

It comes in just one size so whether you have a tiny wrist or mighty one it’s the watch that gets to flaunt its size

Toughest nail Titanium body is a upgrade over a stainless steel one It has enhanced sapphire screen

It is completely water resistant so you can wear it even if you are having your time in your pool

Samsung galaxy watch 5 pro world is not that colourful and it comes only in grey or black colour

However you can still change the strap and bring in more shades There is magnetic buckle strap that is quite handy

Rotating bezel action of skimming through the user interface which was the highlight of Samsung galaxy watch 4 is absent in this version

Super amoled display in Samsung galaxy watch pro 5 is gorgeous and has sharp responsiveness to touch

Operating system is Samsung’s and google’s collaborative effort wear os

Widgets are fully customisable to the tiniest detail such as fonts and watch faces

Default voice assistant is bixby and not the google voice assistant

samsung'sclever bioactive sensor helps the galaxywatch 5 pro to keep full tabs on yourheart rate your blood oxygen levels

it has the ability to track multiple sweat inducing activites such as cycling , circuit training ,swim tracking and gym

it gives you a full breakdown of your workout

it can also help you track back if you get lost in hikes or cycling routes

it has a massive 590 miliamp battery in the pro model ,so not necessary to charge every single night

The smart watch costs you $449