Ever since mobile network came we have dreamt of no dead zones

We don’t want to be off the internet grid whether we are on a hike or adventure expenditure in to the forest

Here is how T mobile and Tesla intend to do it for you Tesla plans to introduce a new entire generation of starlink satellites that will beam internet to your devices

The new satellites will have most advanced and strong antennas that will pick up quiet signal from mobile

This announcement was made by U.S.A second largest internet carrier T mobile along with TESLA in an event in Texas

It’s a bit hard for satellite internet services to match up the speed of regular cellular transmission based services

The reason its hard to provide broadband or high speed internet from satellite based services is because even if the satellite is based on LEO (low earth orbit ) latency that times taken for signal to reach your handset would be high

Still satellite internet will be able to provide messaging and phone call facility for places where the regular mobile services are absent

It can be huge advantage in case of emergencies , natural disasters and rescue mission in remote areas

T-mobile Sievert said that he intends to provide satellite internet service for free for users on their existing internet plans

T mobile Sievert and Tesla also invited operators from around the world to join their ambitious satellite internet connectivity initiative and give them reciprocal benefits in their country